Project Heralder // About
Heralder is an always reforming, neverending project, a non-professional (and probably not-) photographer living in The Netherlands. With Heralder I try to create a little portal for the few visitors I have to give better access to my pictures.

The name Heralder was chosen in ancient times, when I felt in love with the song Heralder from a German band called Falkenbach. Heralder is derived from the word 'herald' or 'heralding' which can be explained as 'messaging'. The word heralder itself is cannot be found in dictionaries but in Germanic languages like Dutch or German the meaning should lay in 'the messenger'(= "the heralder"). Hence also the name of newspapers in certain countries, namely "The Herald".

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Heralder - Project by Mark van der Meer, The Netherlands. For contact please mail me at (PGP soon) or Twitter me @coreice.